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Getting ready to change your home or do major landscaping?
• Submit an ARC Application to avoid any issues.
Want to know who did the original work on your home?
• Consult the list of Arbor vendors
Please read the neighborhood FAQs!
• Answers to the most common questions are here at your fingertips!
Have an emergency?
DIAL 911
Have an issue that isn’t a 911 emergency?
• To report abandoned cars, excessive noise or other troubles, please call the Washington County Non-Emergency number at 503.629.0111.
Have a question?
• Start with the neighborhood FAQs
• Our Association Manager is Darcie Seal,
Bluestone & Hockley Real Estate Services, 503.222.3800. Please contact our manager with any questions you might have about our neighborhood or HOA policies.
• Visit Bluestone & Hockley Real Estate Services: 
NEW! Bluestone & Hockley offers a full set of our community’s records, including updated financials, on this website. Please email to request the login info
Forget when to take out the yard debris & recycling?
• Here is a link to Walker Garbage Service’s Pickup Calendars. See ‘Washington County Customers’.
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