In this season of home improvements, gardening projects and house painting the board thought it would be a good time to remind you about the ARC process and why it is good for everyone in the neighborhood.  Our homes have held their value better than many other neighborhoods in the Portland area, in part because the neighborhood continues to be a beautiful community.  Not a fresh and controlled-by-the-builder group of homes, we are a maturing neighborhood whose guidelines help keep things looking groomed and consistent.

Before you have your home painted, before you do major changes to your landscaping or before you add any structures to your front or back yard, you need to submit an ARC Form for approval.

This approval process serves two purposes:

  1. It helps ensure that nothing is done that would severely differ from the rest of the neighborhood.  There are no Easter-egg purple homes with lime green trim, for example, that would make selling a home near it much harder.
  2. The approval process also protects you from potential disputes with your neighbors.  If you have approval to add an arbor, for example, to your property and your neighbor becomes upset when construction begins, you will have the proof that it is approved by the neighborhood so no issues will ensue.  If you did not have approval and the neighbor complained, there could be a chance that construction would need to stop – costing you time and money.

So please, complete the information and give us some time to review, don’t send paint samples the night before your painter arrives.  The ARC committee and board are volunteers and need time to coordinate with each other and their daily lives.

Find the forms and more detailed information here:

Thank you!

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